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All product is custom made to order



Hi! I'm Stephanie, and with me are my mom Donna, who is my best friend and partner in Sloane's Closet, and my two daughters Sloane and Sutton. 

The idea behind Sloane's Closet started when I made some bright and colorful leggings for both myself and my oldest daughter Sloane--as I love Mommy & Me matching opportunities. We would wear them around the neighborhood on our nightly walks and out running errands. There was rarely a day we dressed alike that we didn't get a compliment from another mother. This planted the seed of one day selling my leggings to other mothers. When covid hit I decided to make this idea a reality, however, as quickly as it had begun we had to stop as our factories around the world shut down too. Now that the factories are beginning to reopen so are we and are excited to get Sloane's Closet products to mother/daughter pairs who love matching as much as we do!

With our relaunch we have also started to introduce more custom product, whether you are having a birthday party, bachelorette, athletes, family vacations, or any other needs we would love to custom design product just for you! DM us on social media or email us at and we can discuss further!